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Never a dull moment: Waterfalls

There is an impressive waterfall at Klong Plu near Klong Prao in an unspoiled jungle setting. It costs 400 Baht to enter the national park. The waterfall is at the end of a half kilometer jungle path. A swim in the plunge pool is a pleasant way to cool down after the walk to the falls.
The following waterfalls are free to visit and there is usually plenty of water from July to December. They may dry up after this so ask around for the latest information. long Nonsi waterfall is close to Dan Mai on the Eastern side of the island. It has several tiers. The first is a ten minute walk into the jungle. There are two waterfalls near Salak Phet in the South-East of the island. Both are clearly signposted. There are also smaller waterfalls up the valleys behind Klong Son, White Sands Beach and Kai Bae.