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Never a dull moment: Shopping

You can pick up a surprisingly large range of goods, both souvenirs and necessities on Ko Chang. There are a growing number of shops selling souvenir items on the major beaches. These include carvings, jewelry, ethnic clothing and handicrafts, bags, T-Shirts, CD's, etc.
There is a huge range of wines, beer and spirits at Ko Chang wine gallery in Kai Bae. You can buy original artwork and even commission work at Rungthip studios in Kai Bae. If you're looking for holiday gifts or even gifts for yourself you'll find shops selling a range of lamps actually made on Ko Chang using a colorful hand made paper and also have an interesting range of hand-picked jewelry and decorative items. There are also small supermarkets and shops on all the beaches selling a reasonable range of foods, groceries, hardware and the like.