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Never a dull moment: Dining

Thailand has one of the great world cuisines. While you're here you should sample some of the delicious food available. Even though the Thais have only had chilies for four hundred years or so they are one of the key ingredients in Thai food. But if you don't like spicy food don't worry, the Thai chefs on Ko Chang are used to making dishes milder on request and there are also plenty of Thai dishes that aren't too spicy. Whilst the food is great you may not be familiar with some of the names of the dishes and translations can sometimes be a little confusing. Once local restaurant used to have "Fish In That Sauce" on their menu. With most meals you can usually choose which meat or seafood you want. Chicken is Gai, Pork is Moo, Beef is Neu-a, Prawn is Goong, Fish is Pla, Squid is Pla Meuk and Vegetable is Pak. Enjoy!