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Never a dull moment

Ko Chang, also known as Elephant Island, is an island of tropical wonders and is part of the Ko Chang National Park consisting of over 50 islands. The protected interior of the island contain dense tropical rainforests which boast some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Various elephant camps around the island offer rides along paths that meander through the jungle. Guided tours on foot are also available for those wishing to visit the waterfalls or the deep interior of the island.

Along the shore you can find long stretches of white sandy beach dotted with coconut palms hugging the fringes and small fishing villages built above the water reaching out into the various bays around the island. Water activities include swimming along the shore of long, gradual sloping beaches, Snorkeling and scuba diving over the many coral reefs around the island, kayaking between the small islands nestled around Ko Chang or renting a boat for a day of fishing out in the deeper waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Fresh seafood from the local fisherman allows the many restaurants to offer some of the finest seafood cuisine in Thailand. Bars and dance clubs bring the island to life at night through a range of themes all across the island. Tropical sunsets from the shore, fire dancers on the beach, festivals that fill the evening streets will ensure that your nights are and fun-filled as your days.